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Big Daddy Jake’s Things – Saving money has never looked so good for shiny, sparkly jewelry at Bargain prices.

We are a family that enjoys selling, Going on treasure hunts at yard sales, thrift stores, estate sales. Anywhere you can find a deal.

I am Jake, I live in middle GA transplanted from northern Indiana.

MY motto is keep it out of the landfills. You will see a wide variety of items on my page for sale.

I buy storage units to help with my motto it is unfortunate that some lose their stuff but I feel it is better to get it into some ones hands that collects it or needs it whether it’s a box of flat ware or a china cabinet.

I have resc…ued allot of things from being lost to the landfill. that includes old coins and jewelry. I strive to keep my prices low but still making money to support my wife and 3 kids.

They also help with the buying and selling some of what I list is actually things my sons, buy to sell. with my auctions on eBay if you have a problem please contact me first I will do my best within reason to make things right.

We all strive for positive feed back with good rating. I go as cheap as I can with shipping.

I do combine shipments as long as they are ended with in 2 days of each other and you let me know ahead of time you plan on purchasing another item of mine.

Thank you for taking time to read about me and remember any question ask I will answer ASAP.

Big Daddy Jake’s Things is on Facebook

September 30, 2017

Author: Harvey Cates